Being a dedicated remote neurofeedback clinic we have long been developing tools to ensure that every session is smooth and efficient.


We have developed a game-changer; QEEG driven, professional NeuroGuide neurofeedback on a practical, simple and inexpensive to operate platform.


Welcome to remote and home neurofeedback without compromise.

For Professionals
Remote training platforms for NeuroGuide spoke products.
Remotely operated, remotely supported or fully automated NeuroGuide home training systems. Train anywhere.
For Individuals
Fully supported and monitored neurofeedback training at home.
Complete home neurofeedback training stations, with qEEG brain mapping and NeuroGuide training software.
For Studies
Easily collect qEEG brainwave data anywhere, anytime.
Remote systems for teams and groups. Lab services for brain maps, studies or remote service for satellite clinics.
"I have never seen anything like this. What you have done here is amazing."
"It makes my job so easy, way more efficient than in my clinic."
"What I really like is how clients really benefit from steady sessions. They could never get into the clinic that often."
"This thing is very clever indeed. I can see this completely change the way neurofeedback is delivered."

Founded in 2007, Brainworks was among the first neurofeedback practices in the UK. Today, we are among the world's leading pioneers in neurofeedback and brain training technologies.