Own your own

For Clinics
Builds and add-ons can be altered to your needs.
  • ANA (Automated Neurofeeback Assistant) Software
  • CGX CAMP 19ch wireless EEG amplifer
  • Neuroguide SwLoRETA neurofeedback training software with CGX collection module

$9,250 USD

For Individuals
As a clinic system, but including all the gubbins.
  • Pelican Storm shipping case
  • Three ECI EEG Caps and all the supplies you need.
  • Gaming laptop computer, Pre-configured and installed. Ready to go, no setup required.

$12,500 USD

Mobile QEEG
Mobile QEEG recording station
Fully Ana automated and net-linked.

$5,000 USD (base)

$7500 USD (complete)

We built our systems with low operating costs as a priority; our sytems operate at a quarter the subscription costs of a single channel EEG headset. Yearly fees include communications, remote links, software support and updates.

  • 1st system $400/year
  • each additional system $250/year
  • (1st year excluded)