This software was developed in the field for our own use. It’s the right tool for the job.

If any a time remote training is needed, it’s now. Since the onset of COVID-19 we’ve worked day and night to ready our in-house software for licensed use.

If you have NeuroGuide training modules that are not in use we can turn them into fully configured remote systems. If you have out of use Cognionics or BM Discovery series amplifiers (with imp lid) we can get you and them back to work.

Each remote can run an unlimited clients per system with two training protocols per client (EO and/or EC using any combination NeuroGuide training modules).

We are a working neurofeedback practice and not a software company. That is why we built it with low operating costs as a priority. No ongoing subscriptions, no fees aside from your retail connection software.

Welcome to practical home training at its best.

Brainworks software suite
We find low to mid-range gaming laptops ideal.
  • Complete Brainworks software license $699
  • Includes full computer install and configuration, remote interface, impedance meters, streaming and local video feedback player, therapist-assist and full automation modes for any and all NeuroGuide training modules, controller app and two hours one-to-one instruction.
  • Updates, support and HIPPA / GDPR compliant remote connection $250 (per year per machine, 1st year included in purchase price).
  • Secure cloud storage and Audio/Video connection accounts (use your own)
Training Modules
Spoke training and collection modules from NeuroGuide, the leaders in EEG training and analysis.
All NeuroGuide software on sale at 25% off.
  • NeuroGuide Acquisition Module (NGA) $1500
  • Compatible with Cognionics or BrainMaster Discovery series amplifiers only
NeuroGuide Spoke Modules
  • Surface Z-Score module $2000
  • Cross-Frequency training module $2000
  • sLORETA training module $2500
  • swLORETA training module $3000
  • NeuroGuide Hub analysis suites also available. Contact us for details.
CGX Amplifier
Cognionics wireless 19ch wet cap EEG amplifier (dry caps also available)
  • Cognionics CAMP amplifier $5000

  • Mainland US shipping and handling included.
  • If shipping outside the mainland US, additional shipping and import charges apply. Contact us for a quote.
Remote neurofeedback case
We find low to mid-range gaming laptops ideal.
  • 15″ screen size
  • 2.8 Ghz processor or better
  • 8MB of RAM works, 12MB recommended
  • Minimum 1600 x 900 screen resolution
  • Minimum 128GB SSD Hard Drive (HDD’s don’t travel well)
  • Internal DVD player if you can.
  • A dedicated video card makes for a smooth presentation.

Part of the setup involves modifying the Windows 10 OS. Once set up as a training platform the computer will be fully sealed and inaccessible. Restoring it to its regular state requires a fresh install of windows.

Shipping case and supplies
Padded hardback shipping case.
  • Case and spare parts $400
  • Pelican padded hard-back shipping case for 15″ laptop and all your bits and pieces.
  • A supply of spare parts, just to cover all bases.
  • EEG caps and gel not included.
Dress to impress
Make it yours with your own branding.
  • Custom component development, logo integration $140/hour

Taking your business on the road


The business model for remote training is quite different than a stationary clinic. After all, one piece of equipment is dedicated to one household for a month rather than running eight or more sessions a day in a clinic. Equipment cost are high, while overheads and operating costs are next to nil.

In our practice, we use a pricing model of a shipping fee, a set rental fee of $250/week to cover the equipment (just under a 1 year return on investment), and a per-session price to cover our hourly rate and to keep a steady cash-flow. By putting the $250/week towards the next remote, our first two systems became 4, became 8, 16 and so-fourth.

If at any point your company coffers needed topping up, you’ll find that 24 systems will yield a steady return of a quarter million per year in rental alone. You’ll find you have a nice little reserve there for hard times.

We all know that we get our best results working intensively, and the remotes makes it financially advantageous for your clients. Similarly it makes it quite reasonable for several people training at the same location as they can split the rental costs.

Without the clinic overheads, sessions can easily be offered at very competitive prices – and if Ana gives you a hand prices can drop below even the most basic in-clinic sessions.

With the right tools in place we found that the advantages of remote training surpassed in-clinic sessions, and we started to move to a fully remote practice. With the home option available few clients choose to have their sessions in-clinic.

If you would like to discuss how the business aspect of home training works, we’re happy to share our experience.